Add-on Track

Add-on Track

What is an Add-on Track?

The Add-on Track is an additional year after B.3, enabling you to take various combinations of the options in the B.3 / trimester 7 elective space: the minor, the internship and the exchange (always in B.3 / trimester 7). Instead of having to choose, you can now do it all! Moreover, you can vary the length and/or weight of your internship, or even do two internships. After successful completion of the Add-on Track you will receive an additional certificate next to your regular bachelor diploma.

What are the admission requirements?

To take the Add-on Track in academic year 2020-2021, you should have completed the following requirements on 14 August 2020 (after the re-sit period of academic year 2019-2020):

  • B.1 completed
  • B.2 completed (possibly with the exception of 1 course)
  • B.3 minimum 45 EC including BAD10 Research Training & Bachelor Thesis

How do I compose the Add-on Track?

You are free to compose the Add-on Track as you like, as long as you stick to the following rules:

  • The combination of the Add-on Track (60 EC) and trimester 7 of B.3 (20 EC) should always be (at least) 80 EC in total.
  • The Add-on Track together with trimester 7 should consist of at least two of the three main components: exchange, minor, internship.
  • You can only do an exchange (20 EC) once, this should always take place in trimester 7, B.3.
  • The minor can be 15 or 30 EC, or you can do 2 minors of 15 EC (in total max. 30 EC). Please note: it is not possible to do two minors of 15 EC at the same time.
  • The internship can consist of 1 internship of max 30 EC or 2 internships of 15 or 20 EC.

Below, we provide you with some examples (EC in brackets): 

How do I apply for the Add-on Track and what is the deadline?

There is a double application procedure in place:

• You need to follow the regular procedure for the minor and for the internship. Different to following electives in your bachelor programme, electives in the Add-on Track require permission of the faculty/university in question as well as permission of RSM BSc Programme Management. Would you like to follow electives in your Add-on Track? Please mention them in your plan (see below), they will be evaluated together with your application. 

• In addition, you complete the registration form for an ‘Add-on Track’ student before 1 May 2020. When applying, you need to send in your plan together with your study progress report. We will evaluate your plans and determine if you have met the admission requirements on 14 August 2020 (after the re-sit period) at the latest.

Where can I find more information?

The Add-on Track is still in a pilot phase, the content and conditions for the Add-on Track are subject to changes. 

For general questions you can contact BSc Programme Management ( 

For more information about an internship, see the internship manual. For questions about your internship(s) during your Add-on Track you can contact RSM Career Centre.

For questions about your minor please have a look at the minor website.

If you need help with your study plan or choices you can schedule an appointment with one of our student advisers.