Erasmus Consultancy Project

Erasmus Consultancy Project


Unfortunately the recruitment period for committee members is closed already.
If you are interested in being a consultant of ECP, you can apply in September!

What is it?

Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP), formerly known as International Business Study is a research project organized by STAR. Every year, ECP offers companies and non-profit organizations tailor-made research and consultancy services in an emerging market on a non-profit basis. ECP is carried out by approximately 25 carefully selected students at RSM Erasmus University, with the support of two professors. The consultancy adds sustainable value and high quality due to desk and field research which results in well considered decision-making for companies. In previous years, ECP has successfully completed projects in countries such as Mexico, India, Vietnam, Chile and Brazil. Currently ECP performs research on Thailand. Do you want to organize ECP next year? Or do you want to be part of the group as a consultant? Feel free to come by at the STAR office for more information! Or check the website: If you want to stay updated on the current project, check

What does it deliver for you?

Valuable Experience

As ECP is basically a student-run consultancy firm, you can experience how the consultancy life suits you. Besides the valuable experience given by the project, you get the chance to participate in trainings given by various consultancy firms. Furthermore, it is of course a considerable contribution on your résumé.


Your experience with ECP is not only useful for your own development; it can fit into your curriculum as well. Third year IBA and BA students can use ECP as an elective, meaning they can earn 15 ECTS for participating in this project.

A serious and fun trip

On top of all, a three week field research trip in the month July is organized to the country that is being researched. During these three weeks you will do the field research for the contracted company and you will do a lot of interviews. In this week there will also be a lot of social activities and dinners with the group. After these three weeks you are free to go to travel further to wherever you want for four weeks in August.

Social Events

Although ECP is a very serious project, not everything depends on the research itself.  Approximately 25 students are selected. And by means of drinks, dinners, parties and trips we will guarantee that this project will meet all social standards set by STAR as well as the academic standards set by the RSM.

What do we expect from you?

The typical ECP participant is a serious, hard-working student in the final phase of his/her bachelor, or master. As a committee member, the project runs from June 2013 till October 2014 and will take you approximately 25-40 hours per week. As a consultant the project will run from October 2013 till October 2014 and would approximately take you 12-20 hours per week. In these hours consultants will do a lot of research, contact companies, meet companies, write proposals and write a final report for a company. Furthermore, the committee will organize a lot of social and teambuilding activities, will be responsible for the marketing and the budget, will accompany the research and acquisition period and as a consultant we also expect you to be present.


Some experiences of IBS to South Korea:

“Last year I searched for a project which would give me the opportunity to get more practical experience related to my study in Business Administration. When I read about International Business Study I became enthusiastic about the consultancy project right away. For me it was the chance to put theory into practice, to work in a motivated team, to get more experience in working with companies and to do some marketing activities. After almost one year IBS I can say this project has already given me a lot more than I could expect. Especially the meetings with companies are great to do and I am looking forward to what the research period including the trip to South Korea will bring!” – Ilona van Vliet, Commissioner of Marketing IBS 2012

“Being a member of STAR, and IBS in particular, is not just a project you do. You become part of something... As we got more involved into IBS I realized how our group of individuals became a team with very diverse individual backgrounds. In the process we helped each other learn as much as possible about the Republic of Korea. However, the most important was that we experienced firsthand what it is to negotiate with Dutch companies and we discovered that we could actually benefit it. It was not just an assignment we handed-in for a grade. We were adding value to decision makers in the real world.

On the personal side, the project not only made me more attentive to details, it also provided me with newer insights on how to structure my research and writing. These skills still benefit my studies and personal assignments today.

As a whole, IBS is a great way to expand my professional network, to learn something useful, and to gain valuable practical experience. At the end of the day, we were part of the STAR family...” – Stanimir Moskov, IBS Consultant 2012

Some experiences of IBS to Brazil:

“International Business Study is not a regular minor as it is the only course in which you really bring theory into practice. So no books and exams, but working as a consultant in your own consultancy firm.

Working in a highly skilled and ambitious international group of students from different cultures enabled me to develop myself in various ways. I learned a new language, was trained by a top consultancy firm, mastered to persuade Dutch firms to expand internationally and many many more.

Ultimately, I had the time of my life when staying in a 5 star hotel for three and a half weeks when conducting research in the HVAC market in Brazil. Moreover, this year was not the same without such a great group of people, experienced crazy moments and weekends, and made friends for life.” - Tim Nieuwendijk, IBS Treasurer 2011

“IBS is the best you can do next to your studies. It gives you the opportunity to do actual consultancy work for Dutch companies in amazing countries. In my case I provided research for a Dutch company in the automotive industry. And this company wanted research about the Brazilian market, and whether they should expand their business or not. So as a student, YOU are giving companies actual advice, if they should expand their business to a certain developing country or not. Besides that, it gives a great opportunity to really ‘feel’ and ‘live’ the culture of the country

where you are going, instead of just being a tourist. In my case it meant partying in a repair shop for Ferrari’s, having a graduation party of a local and visiting the production plant of Volkswagen Brazil!” – Teus Jan de Jong, IBS Consultant 2011