Minor outside of the EUR?

Minor outside of the EUR?

It is possible to receive 15 ECTS elective credits with a minor from another university.

If you would like to pursue this option and complete a minor at another university, you will have to do the research yourself as to which options are available. Take into account the fact that every university has its own minor system, and that the dates may vary from those offered at the EUR. 

If you find a minor at a different university that you’d like to do, then you must complete the following steps:

Step 1- You must submit a request to the Examination Board via the online portal requesting permission to accept your chosen minor as a means to fulfil the elective requirements.
Be sure to include the following information: course description, number of ECTS, in which Bachelor year the minor is offered, how long the minor lasts, any prerequisites asked, and in which language the minor is offered (IBA students can only choose between English-language minors!). 

Step 2 - You must ask for permission from the university offering the minor that you’d like to do. It is more than likely that they have a maximum number of places available and that the priority is given to their own students. There is also the possibility that the minor requires specific prior knowledge that you may not have.

Step 3 - Ask the university what other requirements they may have or other steps that you may have to take before you can participate in their programme. Think of what you’ll have to do to register as an elective student, and find out how scheduling and exam registration, etc. works at their university. Doing this research is your own responsibility!