Examination Registration

Examination Registration

General information

The IBA examination schedule can be found via the IBA Current Students landing page.

A few days before the specific examination day, the information about the exact location of the examination (M-building, blocks) will be published via the EUR ‘Tentamenlocaties’ SIN channel (Dutch for ‘exam locations’).

Registration for regular (non-re-sit) examinations -Course registration = Exam registration

Registering for a course via Osiris will automatically register you for all of that course’s examinations (with the exception of the re-sit examination, if applicable) and it will grant you access to the course’s respective Blackboard page.

All first year IBA students will be registered by IBA Programme Management for the bachelor 1 courses in Osiris. Students taking IBA bachelor 2 and bachelor 3 courses should register themselves for their courses (here’s how).

Course registration deadlines:

Bachelor 1 Trimester 1

Course registration is done by Programme Management

Bachelor 1 Trimester 2

Course registration is done by Programme Management

Bachelor 1 Trimester 3

Course registration is done by Programme Management

Bachelor 2 Trimester 4

Last day to register: Sunday, 1 October 2017

Bachelor 2 Trimester 5

Last day to register: Sunday, 4 February, 2018

Bachelor 2 Trimester 6

Last day to register: Sunday, 29 April, 2018

Bachelor 3 Trimester 7

Elective period, no BSc IBA B3 courses

Bachelor 3 Trimester 8

Last day to register: Sunday, 4 February, 2018

Bachelor 3 Trimester 9

Last day to register: Sunday, 29 April, 2018

Once the deadline of the registration period has passed, you will no longer be able to register for a course online.

Registration for re-sit examinations

Registration for re-sit examinations is possible via Osiris during the registration period: starting 35 days before the written exam and expiring seven days before the exam. During this period, registration is free of charge. You can also register at the ESSC (located in the E-building) during this period. Osiris can be reached via www.myeur.nl.

After registering via Osiris Student, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. You should print out and save this e-mail until the results of the exams are announced in Osiris.

During the re-sit examination registration period, it is also possible for you to deregister for a re-sit exam for which you have registered. In this way, you can avoid the remark ‘did not show up’ being entered on your Osiris overview. It could also enable another student to use the reserved seat and table.

After expiry of the registration period, you will no longer be able to register online. A registration fee will then be charged.

Registration for a re-sit exam after the deadline

After the official registration deadline, you can obtain a registration form at the Erasmus Student Service Centre counter. With this form, you may still register up to two working days before an examination, for an administrative fee of € 20,- per examination. After completing the form and paying the fee, you will receive a copy of the form to take with you. You should take this copy with you to the examination for which you have registered.

In case this late registration period of 2 working days of the ESSC is expired, students from RSM can still register, but only after paying € 20,- administration fee (no refund possible) via the online EBS paying system. This fee has to be paid on the day of the examination at the latest. If the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation on your student e-mail. In addition, the Examination Board will inform the Exam Administration and the Programme Manager that the exam grade can be registered in Osiris.

Taking an exam without a proper registration

On the specific examination date, you are able to take the exam without a proper registration. However, you will receive a stamp “at own risk” from the superintendent. You can still finish the exam and submit it. Afterwards, you have to register yourself according to the procedure as mentioned above. Make sure you register yourself the same day by paying the fee of €20, - via the Late Registration system.

Rules and Regulations for EUR Examinations

A detailed description of all of the rules and regulations for written examinations at the EUR can be found via the following link.

Students with a functional impairment (for example dyslexia, diabetes or vision impairments) can make use of the facilities designed to aid students with a functional limitation in a small classroom on the first floor of the M-building (M1-5) where students with an M1-5 statement are given an extra half hour to complete their interim examinations. For more information, please click here.