Explanation Osiris grades

Explanation Osiris grades

SIN-Online: preliminary grades

Approximately three weeks after the test date or assignment deadline, the course coordinator will send the preliminary (partial) grades to Programme Management for publication on SIN-Online, My Grades. As soon as all preliminary partial grades are available on SIN-Online, the preliminary final grades will be published on SIN-Online as well.

OSIRIS: final grades

Approximately four weeks after the test date, and after a possible perusal has taken place, the official final grades will be published in OSIRIS. 

Please find below an explanation of the various final grades which are used in OSIRIS.

OSIRIS grade



Final overall grade (Grading scale: 0-10)

The weighted average of all grade components of a course. To pass a course and receive the indicated number of ECTS, the final overall grade for a course should be 5.5 or higher (see Examination Regulations). 



‘Onvoldoende’, Dutch for insufficient. For students who did not meet the minimum grade requirement and therefore no final grade will be awarded.



No show.  For students who are registered for the course in Osiris, but who didn’t participate in any of the required (partial) tests.

  • No valid attempt
  • Does not affect GPA


‘Geen Geldig Resultaat’, Dutch for no valid result.  For students who participated in at least one (partial) test, but did not participate in all required (partial) tests for a course.

Except when there is no minimum grade requirement for all required (partial) tests for a course. If this is the case, not participating (‘NO’) in one of the required (partial) test will be counted as a ‘0’ (zero) when determining the final grade for the course.