Re-sit Examinations

Re-sit Examinations

Re-sit examinations for the IBA B1, B2 and B3 written examinations are held in June and July. With the exception of the Bachelor 1 course examinations, students have a free choice in the number of times that they wish to take a written examination. With effect from 1 September 2018, the result for a test is established on the highest test result obtained. If the material to be studied for an examination has changed, the new material must be studied. For the examinations of course year B1, the following rule applies: Once the BSA norm (as specified in Article 9.2 of the Rules and Guidelines) is met, with or without compensation, these examinations may not be retaken.

As for the Bachelor 1 course examinations, students may take part in no more than 4 of the B1 re-sit exams (in the July re-sit period) per year. This regulation is part of the Examination Regulations BSc IBA (Section 3, Art. 3.1).

Note: keep in mind that to obtain a cum laude judicium no more than two examinations have been taken more than once and to obtain a summa cum laude no examination has been taken more than once.


IMPORTANT: OSIRIS is not available from 13 June 12.00h until 15 June 14.00h

From Thursday 13 June, 12.00h you cannot login to OSIRIS. From Saturday 15 June, 14.00h you can login again. Please keep this in mind when you need to register for resits.