Admissions Requirements per Diploma

Please select the type of secondary school diploma which is applicable to you and based on which you would like to request admission to the Bachelor International Business Administration of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). To find your diploma, please either use the search box or the region selector. 



China: Senior Middle School Graduation Certificate (Gaozhong)


Diploma name

  • Gaozhong (Senior middle school graduation certificate) AND
  • GaoKao

General requirements

  • Gaozhong: minimum average grade of 80/100 or 120/150 AND
  • GaoKao: minimum score 500 (exceptions: 300 for applicants from the Jiangsu province; 420 for applicants from Shanghai province; 650 for applicants from Hainan province. (Applicants who are exempted from the Gaokao must provide an official statement: baosong)) AND  preferably at least one year of university education (at a recognised institution) 
  • Mathematics minimum grade of 80/100 or 120/150 AND IBA mathematics exam
  • English language test
  • Applicants who do not meet these requirements will be placed in the lower tiers of the ranking

Selection points

  • Granted for a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 80/100 or higher

Additional Information

Note: Applicants from China are only eligible for the NUFFIC certificate if they successfully pass the IELTS or TOEFL (internet-based test).

Submit an official list signed by your mentor or school representative. A screenshot or self-made Word/excel document with your grades is not accepted. Make sure that RSM can see from your transcripts how the grades were determined. If your school uses a different grading system or different calculations, this should be clearly indicated otherwise you run the risk that your grades will be interpreted incorrectly.

Are you in the final year of high school? RSM uses the grades of the penultimate year (year before your final year) and the grades you have obtained so far from your final year (until December) for the evaluation. This allows us to evaluate each applicant based on a full year of grades. 

Have you graduated? The results of your final year (national exam) will be used to calculate your GPA.



Disclaimer: These requirements are subject to change without prior notice. No rights may be derived from this publication. Please note that the RSM Admissions Office ultimately decides if the level and content of your education is sufficient and comparable to the Dutch secondary school system.

Last update:
Monday, 5 October 2020