A solid background in mathematics is important for the IBA programme and the required level will be checked by the RSM Admissions Office before you are selected. You must provide a detailed overview of the mathematics subjects and contents taken in the three final years of your secondary education. The overview (include an English translation) needs to be signed by your math teacher (including contact details: name and email address) and stamped by your school.

Please note:  There are a small number of exceptions to the above requirement for holders of the following diplomas (click here for the list).

Applicants who have an insufficient level of mathematics at the time of application may be asked to take a mathematics entrance exam. The mathematics entrance exam cannot be used as compensation if you have not achieved the required mathematics grade. Participation in the mathematics entrance exam is decided after your application has been evaluated. IBA applicants who take the mathematics entrance exam must obtain a minimum score of 7.0 (out of 10).

Applicants from outside the Netherlands can take the IBA mathematics entrance exam on location. This exam is offered four times a year (between March and May) by the RSM Admissions Office. Eligible candidates will be notified accordingly. For information on the topics included in the mathematics entrance exam, please click here. To prepare you for the exam, please see the practice exam. The answers to the practice exam can be found here. A graphing calculator is not allowed during the exam. 

Applicants residing in the Netherlands are referred to the EUR math deficiency test (IBA, level 2) as part of the so-called colloquium doctum administered by the Erasmus University in May and July. The registration deadlines are very strict, so please register on time. Please check here for the exact dates. A graphing calculator is not allowed during the exam.
: in view of the selection procedure and the capacity of the IBA programme, IBA applicants can take the EUR math deficiency test (IBA, level 2) only in May.