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When should I submit my application for IBA (in OLAF)?

The admissions season for the BSc International Business Administration programme started on the 1st of October. You will be awarded points for:

  • the grades from your penultimate year (the year before your final year)
  • AND the grades you have obtained during the first half of your final year.

IMPORTANT: View here for further details. 


Based on the number of applications we received in recent years, we are expecting to receive over 2000 applications and most of them will be submitted close to the deadline. The final ranking must be published to our applicants on the 15th of April. This only gives the admissions office around 8 weeks to evaluate the applicants and finish the ranking!

You can ensure a successful application by following the instructions on our website and OLAF carefully. Really take some time to read all the information and consult your parents or your mentors at your school if needed.

Already graduated from High School?

We advise you to submit your application as soon as possible, because you already have all the grades needed for the evaluation.

Last update:
Tuesday, 20 July 2021

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