IBA Mentors 2016 - 2017

IBA Mentors 2016 - 2017


“Dear first-year students, what a time to be alive! University – the first phase of your adulthood – is finally here. Essentially, it’s all about finding balance. Studies, extracurricular activities, social life, hobbies – you will learn to prioritise and will get to know yourself better by making your own choices. Coming to this entirely new RSM atmosphere is exciting, as well as challenging. Your mentor will be your guiding light, helping you adjust to the IBA environment and eventually making Rotterdam feel like home. The first people you meet here are often the students from your mentor group, and these friendships may last throughout your studies and beyond. A whole world is awaiting you, all you have to do is maintain a positive outlook and stay curious for more knowledge and new experiences. I can’t wait to meet you and work together towards your Three Years of Happiness!”

Rashko Angelinov, Bulgarian IBA student


“Before coming into IBA, I barely knew anything about the course, or the Netherlands for that matter. I was expecting the transition to be difficult, but thanks to my mentor I adapted quickly. There are so many opportunities that come with the freedom of living alone. And that’s the beauty of it – you’re able to shape your own destiny. To assist you on this journey, is where I come in. I will do anything in my power to help you start the new chapter of your life in a way that you can look back on with a smile.”

Matej Trocil, Czech IBA student


“Starting the IBA programme, living on your own and finding your way in a new city with new people is a new, but very exciting part of your life. I remember my first IBA day very well, I was mostly busy asking myself a lot of questions. How will I ever find my way around campus? How will I balance my studies with my social life and all the amazing parties? Where do I buy my books? How am I going to survive by myself, being a terrible cook? Then I realised that everyone around me faced the same problems. You’re going to start this amazing new part of your life too, and will be assigned a mentor to guide you through your first year of IBA. My mentor helped me a lot with every question I had, and this was a broad range of questions, I can say. I am going to be a mentor to some of you and help you to make Rotterdam your new home. I’m looking forward to next year and hope you do too!”

Loes Baltussen, Dutch IBA student


“Having always lived abroad I was both scared and excited to start my university life in Rotterdam. During my gap year I decided Erasmus University was the perfect fit for me, so when August came around, I was able to calm my nerves slightly. The freshman weekend and introduction days were the perfect way to find a group of friends that are still by my side. We were able to comfort each other and discuss any types of issues we were facing. The mentor programme was the turning point for me to feel completely integrated, because I had a constant group of people who could rely on each other. I’m very excited to not only be your mentor, but also your friend in the coming year.”

Hannah Remde, German/American IBA student


“Congratulations, you made it! You are about to begin a new amazing chapter of your life and I hope you are as excited as I am to introduce you to IBA. If you are nervous, do not worry, the nervousness belongs to every beginning. The first day at university created mixed feelings inside me and I didn’t know how to organise them. But thanks to my mentor, I felt safe. She was always there for me whenever I needed something or had any questions. As a mentor, I will try my best to help you overcome any insecurities and make your transition to university smooth. I cannot wait to meet you all in person and share with you the cool stuff our university offers. Until then, enjoy your summer holidays and see you in September!”

Trung Anh Nguyenova, Vietnamese/Czech IBA student


“I was super excited to move to Rotterdam, meet new people and speak English all the time. But I wasn’t expecting to get to know so many people from different places, go to parties with them and also start studying, all in such a short period. I really had to balance all these activities and friendships but also deal with the ups and downs coming along with this new life. My mentor really helped me out with this, by providing advice and treating me as a friend: we are still in touch now. As a mentor this year, I am looking forward to meeting you, share my experiences and help you find your way at university, to take the most out of your first year. Have a nice summer and get prepared for a nice experience in September!”

Juliette Simon, French IBA student