IBA Mentors 2017-2018

IBA Mentors 2017-2018

Claudia Biffi Aguado, Spanish/Italian IBA student

“After the first days of IBA, I realised how quickly you get accustomed to the ‘student life’ and how little it takes to find ‘your’ people, who serve as a second family. My first year was much better than I’d imagined, and the key was to learn how to balance chores, study and a social life. I think everyone can really find their place in IBA and in Rotterdam, and then everything else falls into place too. As a mentor, I’m ready to help you with anything you may need to find your place. I’m excited to meet you and welcome you to the best three years of your life!”


Rahul Joshi, Indian IBA student

“Dear incoming freshmen, as you step into this new world, the first things you should prepare yourself for are the opportunities. University is an amazing place where you will be given the power to mold yourself and your future. How to help you carefully mold yourself is where I, and my colleagues in the mentor programme come in. In my first year, there were times when I felt lost and out of place, but you will understand that this is just the fear of stepping into a bigger world. At the end of the day, that fear is what will turn into motivation and a drive to prove your self-worth. I won’t sugar-coat it – from now on you will have to work hard and party hard, but in my opinion, that is the beauty of living a university student's life. I will guide you through your first year journey by helping you with your struggles, and rejoicing in your victories. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!”


Anna Lagerkvist, Swedish IBA student

“Dear class of 2020, you have an amazing journey ahead of you! The coming year will be exciting, life-changing and a little scary. When I started the IBA programme last year I felt the same way you do now, all those small pieces of your new life are scattered all over and not sure what to expect. Trust me, it will take a while to put them all together but once you do you’ll have the time of your life. As your mentors we’re here to assist you in every step of the way. My mentor was the one who helped and supported me through my academic and personal struggles. I hope to be that person for some of you next year to ensure that you have the best possible freshman year. I can’t wait to see you all in September. Have an amazing summer!”


Marlies Mons, Dutch IBA student

“Dear first-year student, welcome to Rotterdam and Erasmus University! You have a remarkable year ahead of you, filled with laughter and joy, but also commitment and responsibility. Like many of you, I was nervous but excited to start here at RSM in September. Looking back, I have learned so much about myself, gained independence and new friends, and created many new memories. During this exciting journey you will embark on, I’ll be there to guide you, help you integrate, and make you feel welcomed at RSM. I can’t wait to show you what the university and the city have to offer! Are you ready to explore?”


Greta Gori, Italian IBA student

“Hey first-year students, your journey is about to begin! University is exactly like the 'student life' people talk about. You’re going to live on your own and depend entirely on yourself. You’ll survive bad meals and cleaning days; and you’ll study very hard but also party hard. My first year was great, fun at times and challenging at other times. I’m here for any questions (questions don't have to be smart), and to help you through the beginning of this new great experience. I can't wait to meet you and welcome you to this other chapter of your life.”


Sean Lottering, South African/Dutch student

“Before coming to Rotterdam and the IBA programme at Erasmus University, I had very little knowledge of what I was getting into. After a year of wonderful experiences, it’s a pleasure to admit it was one of the best decisions I could’ve made. Naturally, in the beginning I was unsure of myself, questioning how I would deal with all the university systems, yet alone keeping up a social life. It was at this moment we were introduced to our knights in shining armor, our mentors. These fellow students have experienced everything you are going through and can provide support no matter the situation. The mentor programme helped ease me into the crazy and exciting life that being a student at RSM involves. This is the same experience that I’m enthusiastic to provide you with, and all the other new students coming to Rotterdam next year. An exciting new chapter awaits you on your journey with RSM.”