Insights from an IBA student - Argiris Kontogiannis

Insights from an IBA student - Argiris Kontogiannis

“I knew that through IBA I could learn about new cultures, expand my business knowledge and expect a promising job after graduation” Argiris Kontogiannis, current IBA student

There was one point in high school where I thought, what should I study now? I was always a fan of physics and mathematics, but I didn’t have the proper motivation. A friend was in the Netherlands doing his bachelor, and he encouraged me to look for a university there. After a week of searching, it was obvious that RSM had the most to offer compared to other universities, for example faculty that’s ranked among the top 10 of Europe, triple accreditation and located in a world-famous city. I knew that through IBA I could learn about new cultures, expand my business knowledge and expect a promising job after graduating.

IBA is unique in many ways. I don’t believe there is another bachelor programme in which 58 nationalities are enrolled. Secondly, we learn and study every business segment so we can get a complete idea of what we can expect out there, when we go to the job market. IBA also helps you to network in business organisations from your first year, to get some first-hand experience. Currently, I’m in my third year of studies, and of the almost 30 courses that I’ve had, I can say that marketing management, operations and cross cultural management really caught my attention. 

Every IBA student is extremely motivated. The fundamental assumption of my class is that individuals are influenced by each other's behaviour. We don’t act individually, but as a group. It’s interesting to see that you can already see fellow students tending to specific business segments and planning to enrol in a master programme or do an internship.

A lecture is two hours. Usually 200-300 students are present, the environment is friendly and everybody to participate. There are also guest lectures where successful IBA alumni or a company’s CEO comes in for a presentation. Also, workshops for about 30 people are organised as part of courses such as statistics or mathematics. After the main academic activities of the day, you can study in the library, go have some dinner on campus, exercise in the new gym or get involved in some extra-curricular activities, such as a student organisation.

Student life in Rotterdam is so much fun. You can’t get bored around here. First-year students are always stressed about accommodation. There are many ways to get a place, so don’t worry. First of all, if you’re an international student you can live on campus for a year, first come first served. I applied to Stadswonen, paid a small fee and within a week I had my room, right in the centre of Rotterdam! I pay € 350 a month, including utilities. In addition to studying, I go to the gym and play basketball, work in the weekends, and am trying to learn new languages. 

I feel very connected to the aviation industry. So, my long-term plan is to pursue a career in that specific segment. I’m not sure yet if I’ll continue with a master straight away or if I’ll do an internship first to apply theory into practice.

If you’re motivated to study in one of the top schools of Europe, learn new cultures and be prepared for an international market, IBA is the study for you.