Insights from an IBA student - Emily Prinsloo, Germany

Insights from an IBA student - Emily Prinsloo, Germany


Why did you decide to do the IBA programme at RSM?

It was important to me that I could study in English, as I see myself working in an international company in the future. I also found the incredible amount of partner schools appealing. And of course, RSM’s high ranking and worldwide reputation convinced me of studying here.


What do you like the most about the IBA programme and what are your favourite courses so far?

I like the fact that there is a mixture of academic and research-related subjects, and practical subjects. My favourite practical course was Strategic Business Plan. I also liked Organisational Behaviour during the first trimester.


What are your fellow students like?

Every single student has some kind of international background, multiple nationalities, is well educated and interested in the topics. We are all very open-minded and help each other out, for example before exams.


What is a normal day like at RSM?

We have 20 hours of classes a week. This means that we usually have one or two classes a day during which the professors teach us theories. Some classes have workshops in which we solve exercises or have some kind of interaction. In addition to the classes, some self-study is required. You might have to read the literature, write an essay or do another assignment. Often, classes involve teamwork as well, which requires weekly meetings.


What are the biggest differences between the Netherlands and your home country?

Germany and the Netherland are very similar. However, I discovered some differences between the German and Dutch students. Most German students are very concerned about grades and studying, whereas the Dutch students are more relaxed about their studies. Of course, as an international student you have to live on your own and move away, whereas many Dutch students live at home.


How are you experiencing life in Rotterdam?

Last year I stayed in the F-building on campus, which I found through the university website. Last year, I paid around € 550 rent each month. It was a great start as I was able to meet other students as well. However, by the end of the year I moved out and found an apartment with two friends from the F-building. Now, I live close to the university in an area called Kralingen and pay around € 500. This is a typical amount for an international student.


In my free time I mostly do sports. I bought a membership at the Erasmus sports building on campus and usually go to classes twice a week. I do yoga and tennis, but there is much more to choose from. In addition, I am part of a student organisation called Enactus. Finally, I am now ambassador and am taking some additional classes. So I’m quite busy, but it’s fun. The student organisations organise a lot of parties that I go to once in a while, but recently I have been going to more house parties as I know more and more people.


What advice would you give to future IBA students?

I advise to start searching for an apartment at least two months in advance. Especially in the beginning of the academic year, everyone else is looking too and it becomes difficult to find a place to stay. It’s important to actually view the apartment, because often the pictures don’t represent what is actually offered. I really liked living in a student building in the first year, because it made it very easy to find new friends.

Regarding activities, everyone should definitely join an association, the student representation, or something similar. It’s a lot of fun, and of course it also looks good on your CV.

I also advise to look for good team members for study assignments. There’s a lot of teamwork in IBA so it’s important to have motivated students in your team. The first big project, Strategic Business Plan, is spread over two entire subjects. So, start looking for smart, motivated and ambitious team members immediately. For exams, it’s really effective to practise with past exams.


What would you like to do after the IBA programme and what are your long-term plans?

I plan to get a MSc after having completed IBA. At the moment, I wish to pursue a career in marketing, so I would choose a master in marketing. Although RSM offers great value, I might want to experience living in a different country. In the long-run, I’d like to work for an internationally known enterprise.