Insights from an IBA student - Nikita Reshetnikov

Insights from an IBA student - Nikita Reshetnikov


"I was looking for the best educational programme I was applicable for as a student from Russia."


Nikita Reshetnikov, 1st year BSc IBA student
Age: 18
Home city and country: Omsk, Russian Federation
Previous studies: Gymnasium 19, Omsk.


Why did you decide to do the IBA programme at RSM?

Simply because RSM is well known around the world and ranked among top business programmes in Europe. I was looking for the best educational programme I was applicable for as a student from Russia.


What do you like the most about the IBA programme and what are your favourite courses so far?

The IBA programme consists of a variety of classes; it is not just about business. The fact that we study economics and marketing as well provides a better chance in future job hunting. The Effective Business Communication course was very practical and helpful. The Strategic Business course is an outstanding opportunity to put our knowledge into practice right away and to gain experience from CEOs. Personally I am fond of Operations Management, a most interesting yet most challenging course, held by fantastic Dr Fabian Sting.


What are your fellow students like?

Most of the students are just like you are. They study hard for exams and party even harder after they pass them.


What is a normal day like at RSM?

Depending on how eager you are to study, you can spend your time in the library, or meeting your student organisation, doing sports or whatever you like. The facilities at Erasmus University fulfil most of your needs.


What are the biggest differences between the Netherlands and your home country?

There are so many differences that it is difficult to pick one. I would say that the people are considerably more chilled and relaxed than in Russia.


How is life in Rotterdam?

What I adore about Rotterdam is the architecture; the city looks modern and fresh. Student life is vibrant like nowhere else, and there are annual film and other festivals, the ATP tennis tour and  top class football matches – you can find it all in Rotterdam. Furthermore, you can visit other cities and countries nearby like Amsterdam and The Hague, and in Belgium, there’s Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.


What advice would you give to future IBA students?

My advice is to pay attention to your time management and motivation from the very beginning of the programme because it will help you later on.


What would you like to do after the IBA programme and what are your long-term plans?

As Oliver Cromwell said: “One never rises so high as when one does not know where one is going.”

I try not to make long-term plans and to be as open-minded as I can. I will take any ambitious opportunity I can.