Insights from an IBA student - Ross Markey

Insights from an IBA student - Ross Markey


Name: Ross Markey

Age: 21
Home city and country: York, Pennsylvania, USA
Previous studies: West York Area Senior High School, York, Pennsylvania, US


Why did you decide to do the IBA programme at RSM?

“RSM offered me the best combination of a world-class business education, great tuition fees, a short duration, an international atmosphere, and of course the convenience of being located in the centre of Europe.”


What is the most impressive thing in the programme so far?

“I think the best part so far has been the mentor programme that’s required for all new students. It aligns you with a second-year student, and they really do a lot to guide you through a hectic first year, and offer a lot of help and advice on everything from time management, exam tips, how things are graded, who to contact if you need help, and a whole lot more. They really hold the key to success in the first year of the IBA.”


What are your fellow students like?

“My fellow students are the best part of the IBA for me so far. We have almost 500 students in the class, with almost 70 nationalities represented. Everyone you meet has a diverse, interesting background and a lot of stories to tell.”


What is a normal day like at RSM?

“A normal day at RSM can vary based on your motivation and the day, but typically you will have maybe two lectures, perhaps a workshop, and then that is it. For the most part, you don’t spend much time attending lectures. The majority of my time is spent reading, doing projects, and studying. Throughout the day, it’s also common to sit around the pond, talk with friends and get some food at one of the various restaurants on campus.”


What is life in Rotterdam like?

“Rotterdam is an interesting and unusual city, and has a lot to offer for diverse cultures, good food and a nice nightlife. There are parties for students pretty much every night, so you have to spend your time wisely between studying and being social. The weather is unpredictable. It can be beautiful and sunny, then an hour later dark and raining, and then the sun can come back out while it keeps raining. Everything here is a bit expensive, but for me that’s balanced out by the low tuition fees.”


What do you like best about living in the Netherlands?

 “My two favourite things about living in the Netherlands are the bicycles, and its location. You can ride your bike everywhere here, and it’s great to not have to pay to go anywhere in the city.  Also, not only is Rotterdam less than an hour away from Amsterdam, but so many other wonderful cities and countries are just within a few hours by train, and all of Europe is just a few hours by plane.”


What advice do you have for future IBA students?

“Come prepared to study, because the first year is very busy, with lots to do and to study. For international students from outside of Europe, submit all your applications ahead of schedule and make sure to have all your documents in order before arriving in the Netherlands.”


After the IBA programme, what does the future hold?

“Although I’m unsure where the future may take me, I will most likely complete a one-year master degree after the IBA. After that, the sky is the limit and I will have the world at my fingertips. I’d really enjoy working in developing countries, and help to grow and expand their economies for the betterment of their societies and everyday life.”