Insights from an IBA student - Teja Adavi

Insights from an IBA student - Teja Adavi

“…I realised that I was embarking on some of the most important but also best years of my life.”


Teja Adavi, current BSc IBA student 

Home city and country: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Previous study: International Baccalaureate from Impington Village College, Cambridge, UK

The BSc IBA programme: There are many things I like about the programme, but my favourite thing has to be the people. This refers to the programme management, faculty, advisors and of course my fellow classmates. I have met some really interesting and diverse people in the programme, learnt a lot about different cultures and perspectives, and made the most amazing friends.

The introduction day of the programme was the most memorable; it included an information session and boat ride with my classmates. This was my first interaction with my classmates and future friends, and that is when I realised that I was embarking on some of the most important but also best years of my life.

Curriculum: There were a few courses that I really enjoyed including Strategic Management and Microeconomics. It is a close call but I would say that Organisational Behaviour was my favourite class in the first year. The professors were amazing, extremely engaging and the subject provided me with some great and interesting insights into how people behave in organisations.

Living in Rotterdam: The greatest experience by far for me has to be living with three of my classmates (one of whom has been a friend of mine since we were six years old) and closest friends in a family house. I grew very close to my housemates, and had lots of good and memorable times, including my 19th birthday party, a 12-hour Lord of the Rings movie marathon and staying up late at night to watch NBA games. I couldn’t have asked for a better landing for my first year at university.

Our apartment is in Kralingen, 10 minutes’ ride away from the university and city centre by bike. Food and drinks are the most expensive aspect of living in Rotterdam, with rent being of moderate levels. In total I spend about €700 a month including rent, food, and everything else.

For those unfamiliar with living in the Netherlands, you will definitely need to buy a bike because transportation costs can become quite expensive. In some cases having a bike is more convenient as most places are within biking distance.

Advice for future BSc IBA students: Starting university and – for some – living away from their families can be an intimidating experience, but there is no need to be nervous. Spend time socialising and meeting new people in the beginning because most people are probably experiencing the same things as you, and collectively it will be easier to adapt to the new lifestyle.

Future: Ten years from now, I hope to have a job that I enjoy, which is educational and interesting, furthermore I hope to be going back to my native country, India to begin my own enterprise. I also want to be still in touch with the amazing people that I have met here in Rotterdam, and spend time travelling the world and visiting them.