My RSM Experience - Eszter Kocsis

My RSM Experience - Eszter Kocsis


Eszter is a 3rd year IBA student at RSM

Age: 22
Home city and country: Budapest, Hungary
Previous studies: Hungarian Baccalaureate at the Alternative School of Economics

Why did you decide to do the IBA programme at RSM?
“I wasn’t sure in which functional area of business I wanted to work later, so a broad programme like IBA would help me decide. I came to RSM because of the international environment, the high rankings, and affordability of the school.”

What do you like the most about the IBA programme?
“The best thing about IBA is its internationality; not only in the student body, but also in the subjects. Every course, even corporate finance, takes a look at how the context changes and applies internationally. My favourite subject so far was ‘applied business methods’. We learned how statistical data can be analysed. In the second part of the trimester we had to analyse a big set of data and applied what we had learned. This might not sound fascinating, but for the first time in my life I had a professor who made the subject interesting, even fascinating.”

What are your fellow students like?
“As said, IBA students are truly international. I often work in a group with people from three different countries. Everyone is really open to others and new experiences, not only in our social life but also in the classroom. Having people with such diverse backgrounds makes for really interesting class discussions and insights.”

What is a normal day like at RSM?
“It’s hard to define a normal day at RSM. Unlike in high school, there’s no strict daily schedule. There are fewer classes and more individual studying. In general, you have one lecture for each course during the week. Then you have one or two workshops, which are classes in smaller groups and often mandatory. During the day I usually study in the library or a café. It’s important to keep up with the subjects otherwise the exam period will be intense. In the afternoons, I can go to the Erasmus Sport Center or social club meetings, be active in a study organisation, and so much more. You never run out of options and new, fun things to do.”

How are you experiencing life in Rotterdam?
“In the first year I lived on campus in the Hatta-building. I couldn’t visit Rotterdam before September, so this seemed like the safest option without seeing what I was renting. In the second year I moved into an appartement with my German friend. It’s in the perfect location: only a 10-minute bicycle ride to campus and a 5-minute walk to the city centre. Being close to town opens up a lot of opportunities. Rotterdam is a bustling city. There are festivals, parties and expos all the time.”

What advice would you give to future IBA students?
“Get a bicycle immediately. It’s the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get around the city. And become involved in a student association; it opens up your horizons.”

What would you like to do after the IBA programme?
“Before pursuing a master degree in marketing, I’d like to work one year to make sure that it is indeed the field I would like to work in. In the long run, I'd like to climb the career ladder at a multinational company and balance that with having a family.”