My RSM Experience - Nora Puhala

My RSM Experience - Nora Puhala


Nora is 3rd year IBA student at RSM

Age: 20
Home city and country: Lemgo, Germany
Previous studies: IB diploma at Taunton School, UK


Why did you decide to do the IBA programme at RSM?
“I chose the IBA programme because I did not want to limit myself to one economic area but learn how business is conducted all over the world. Also, the diversity in the students’ nationalities as well as RSM’s renowned partner network attracted me.”

What do you like the most about the IBA programme?
“The IBA programme teaches us all the different functional areas in business. Before I started IBA, I knew that I wanted to work in the management of international organisations but I did not figure out yet which exact direction to go for. Now that I had the chance to get to know subjects of very different natures, I know that I want to work in finance and accounting. My favourite subjects so far have been all of the mathematical ones because I like using logic and calculations to solve problems.”

What are your fellow students like?
“IBA is truly international and you really get to know many new cultures. Although students with the same nationality normally like sticking together, at RSM you can see a lot of mixed friend groups.”

What is a normal day like at RSM?
“There’s no real typical day at RSM because you can plan it as you like; there’s no strict schedule you need to follow. I usually go to the lectures which last for two hours and then have lunch with friends. We may work on some group assignments and then do some sports classes at the Erasmus Sports Center.”

What are the biggest differences between the Netherlands and your home country?
“I grew up in Germany, so I don’t find the Netherlands so much different. But what struck me positively the moment I arrived here was that everyone, literally everyone, speaks English and is so helpful and welcoming. For example, when you are lost, don’t hesitate to ask a stranger for directions because I’m sure that he or she is happy to help you out!”

How are you experiencing life in Rotterdam?
“I waited a while to find an apartment so the majority of the places were already full when I started looking. I moved after half a year because my place was far from the university. Now I live five minutes away from RSM by bike and I love the location! I share an apartment with two other girls and it’s a lot of fun! Rotterdam is a very modern city and there’s plenty to do! When it is warm outside, my favourite thing to do is to go to the lake and just enjoy the sun.”

What advice would you give to future IBA students?
“Don’t wait too long to find accommodation. Also, make sure that you get a bicycle as soon as you get here because you will need it every day. When it comes to your studies, I recommend to really plan your time well, so don’t leave studying until the end of the trimester but do it more continuously.”

What would you like to do after the IBA programme?
“My dream job is to become an auditor at one of the big four auditing companies. After IBA I’ll probably take one year off and do an internship to get some work experience and to decide which master to do.”