What do our current students think?

What do our current students think?


General first year feeling

"The first year of IBA felt overwhelming and challenging at first, but looking back I can say that I have attained one of the best experiences in my life and friends from all over the globe." – Joana Qendro

“From the start of the first year, I have felt very welcomed and at home in our international community. The people are all very friendly and open, both at the university and in the city of Rotterdam.” – Marissa Berghuis

“New place, new people and a busy schedule. While I was thinking about how to manage my new life with the busy schedule during the year, I realised that I already had a second family and a new home.” – Cansu Alp

“It had been only a couple of weeks in IBA and I realised that I was on the verge of something great.” – Konstantin Semenyuk

“My first year of IBA was pretty much like a rollercoaster ride. I met many cool people, experienced unique things, and most of all, I have achieved great academic results after the first year which I'm very proud of.” – Thao Nguyen


Mentor programme

“The IBA first year mentor programme really helped me feel at home and integrate myself. Your mentor feels like your big brother or sister, he gives you tips on how to study at university, what to expect and he is here if you need help or advice.” – Pauline Heurthe

“Upon initiating this new life chapter, the shared experiences and stories of my mentor provided me valuable guidance. From learning how to study at the university to meeting other students, the mentor programme really did help me fit in faster and better.” – Arnaud Pedrazzani


Strategic business plan

“A differentiating characteristic of RSM, in comparison to several other business schools, is the Strategic Business Plan – a six-month project in which first-year students have to work closely with an existing company and analyse it from head to toe. The professional, analytical, writing and formal skills acquired in the process are so helpful in the future. This unique project presents the opportunity to apply concepts learnt in class to the exciting and dynamic business world!” – Pier Coppola

 "Collaborating with a real company to elaborate a business plan was a real challenge. This experience was a great opportunity to apply the knowledge I had acquired to a real-life situation. Co-operating with this company as a team made the task even more interesting. I’ll definitely remember this unique course." – Jean Martin-Monier