Student Activities

Student Activities

Fulfilling a leadership role in one of RSM’s numerous clubs, student associations and student-managed conferences will enrich your time at RSM both socially and professionally, while giving you extra credentials to add to your CV.

There are both student associations and study associations at EUR:

Student associations are for students from RSM, EUR and other universities. They focus on socialising and networking. In addition to organising social meetings, many of them are also active in reaching out into the community. Most are for Dutch speakers, but there are plenty of international associations. For more information about international student associations in Rotterdam visit the student life at EUR website from the Erasmus Student Service Centre.

Study associations are linked to each school or programme. They may have a social element, but primarily provide pre-professional and study activities. The study association for RSM students is STAR.


With more than 6,500 members and 1,000 overseas members, STAR is the largest study association in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. There are no language barriers for international students because English and Dutch are both used. STAR gives you unique opportunities to practice turning your ideas into commercial realities through active involvement in numerous committees which organise events such as the International Business Project or STAR Management Week.


RSM’s Student Representation organisation looks after the interests of students by representing them at the faculty and university level. It serves as an intermediary between students and faculty and ensures an exchange of information and feedback between students and programme managers.