Juan Maldonado Alcazar

Juan Maldonado Alcazar

MBA Class of 2017

Walk the talk

While I was in my study program, there were key moments where I had questions and I had very few places to turn around. Knowing the next steps in your path is not easy and it’s never about the simple questions, but the hard ones. The questions that matter. I want to be a mentor because I believe in creating a great RSM community, but to create that community we have to support each other!

A force for positive change?

That’s the school’s new mantra, and I believe in it wholeheartedly. However, we cannot expect leaders to change the business world if we just leave to luck that the future leaders just pop out of the ground. We can’t only teach management, we need to leave this school knowing that people are not an asset or an item but something to nurture and protect. We can complain of the sorry state of how most companies behave, or we can do something about it.

Meeting such a diverse group of people made me realize that while we all have very personal goals, true leadership emerges when you start to procure and empathize with the needs of others.

Stay committed

Learning about others in an honest way gives you the biggest leadership lessons that you can possibly get. Being part of a diverse MBA program you realize that there’s a strong WHY behind every person that’s looking for development. It’s not easy to come across or put it in words, but believe me, when you find it you will grow and move in the world with a different vibe. Let’s find your “WHY” together.