Online Case Teaching Materials

As many of you are seeking ways to shift to the virtual learning environment, the RSM Case Development Centre (CDC) wishes to remind you that all EUR teachers and staff can access RSM CDC teaching materials free of charge.

Free case teaching materials for EUR teachers and staff

Over 150 teaching cases are available via the RePub that cover almost all business management as well as other social sciences subjects. 

Even though most RSM cases are developed with traditional case teaching methods in mind, you can use the teaching notes that go with the cases for reference and adapt them to the online environment. Several cases are already web-based and include multimedia elements that make them convenient for online teaching.

To download a PDF case:

  1. Go to the RePup: click here.
  2. Search for cases by keywords.
  3. Click on ‘Sign in to view additional files’ at the lower right side of the page and log in with your ERNA ID.
  4. Now you can download the case. 
  5. To get the teaching note that goes with it, just email us at

To access a web case:

  1. The TomTom case about strategic branding and innovation:
  2. The Commonland case about sustainable finance:
  3. The Lesbos case about stakeholder management and the refugee crisis:
  4. Some resources on the TomTom case website and Lesbos case website are reserved for teachers’ use only. Please email to receive the access code (different from ERNA). 

RSM cases on other platforms:

Any RSM teaching cases you find on another platform (the Case Centre, Harvard, Ivey, etc.) are also available at the RePub. You can download a free copy using the instructions above.

Case writing and development of case-related teaching materials

RSM Case Development Centre can also help you develop case studies and other case-related teaching materials. Please contact us by email and check our website

Hope this information helps you get through this challenging time by providing you with new resources and inspiration. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us.

The Case Development Centre (CDC)

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