Finance in Motion: Investing in Development


The impact asset manager Finance in Motion (FiM) was founded in 2009 by Sylvia Wisniwski in Frankfurt. The company has grown significantly over the years into one of the world's leading impact investment managers. They leverage finance to create a positive change for people and planet. The start-up works with the public-private partnership model, combining capital from both sources. The company grew rapidly and has now over 200 employees in over 17 countries. FiM is currently transitioning from a start-up to a scale-up and operates worldwide. For Sylvia, it has become increasingly more challenging to be in 'the middle of the spider web', managing the company's strategic outlook and the people within. She is facing now the dilemma if and how to best set up middle management and how to build sustainable success for FiM.

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Based on field research; 14 pages.

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1. To emphasize the importance of the three R’s (Relationships, Roles, Reward) in hiring decisions during different growth stages in the start-up evolution. 2. To apply theory to practice in understanding typical hiring dilemma that founders face in the inception and growth of their start-up. 3. To understand the different start-up growth stages (growth stage model) and how sustainable start-up success is built. 4. To examine the different mental models (blueprints) of an ideal organization form and analyze organizational structures. 5. To discuss how the success paradox founders might experience through moving quickly from one growth stage to the next and how it can be managed.