Greenwheels: Self-Driving Cars - Should Greenwheels Enter the Market?


1. Create a better understanding of a firm’s need to keep innovating and improving its services. 2. Analyze how decisions about implementing innovation and new technology in a firm’s core business activities are made. 3. Develop ability to implement innovation in a creative way considering other market players. 4. Being able to find a proper way for financing large investments for long-term strategic changes.


The ways in which cars are being used are undergoing drastic changes in the market and businesses are constantly challenged with keeping their business models relevant. This case considers Greenwheels, a Dutch company that was one of the first in the car-sharing industry. Whilst the industry grows quickly, Greenwheels is faced with the problem of how, when and if to introduce the self-driving car into their service. The case stresses the importance of innovating and delves into some of the many obstacles that come alongside car-sharing and self-driving car businesses.

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Based on field research; 13 pages.

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