Case workshop

Case workshop

We can help you improve your case-writing skills in just a day. Our Case Writing Workshop aims to help people – academic staff from RSM, from business and from other institutions – develop and write teaching cases. It’s designed to teach you the framework to write your own case quickly, easily and with confidence.

You’ll be expected to prepare with some reading, which we will send to you. You will decide which case you want to develop.

The process

As you develop your case study, you will learn the mechanics of case writing and the differences between research cases and teaching cases, what makes a good case, and how to publish.

You’ll be coached in interview and case writing techniques, how to find the ‘hook’, write the opening paragraph, structure the case, outline the teaching note, and make an action plan.

You’ll complete the case on your own before attending two follow-up workshops to discuss your drafts . You’ll be assisted with the release documents. Members of the CDC team can offer help between these meetings.