Case writing

Case writing

Why do businesses succeed – or fail? We can learn from real-world successes and failures written up in business case studies that address everyday business issues such as ethics, sustainability, change management, marketing, brand management, crisis management, and accounting. Case studies show the key elements of business studies in context; real information and examples bring the issue to life.

Complex scenarios

These studies are widely used in business schools around the world, where reading and discussing complex, real-life scenarios helps business and management students to develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgment. Likewise, learning to write business case studies and white papers for reports and proposals is a valuable tool for addressing business challenges.

Guided courses

RSM’s Case Development Centre (CDC) runs guided business case writing courses and workshops for students at all levels, as well as preparing high-quality and award-winning business case studies itself. RSM CDC business cases are widely used in business and management education around the world.

For business managers, leaders, and academics, CDC also runs courses on writing white papers and reports.