Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management, CESAM, aims to promote and foster the professional development and management of public safety organizations, on an international level. It targets a clear and direct impact of academic research on public and private sector organizations in the field of public safety.

Our mission is to blend academic excellence with practical relevance.

Our vision is to provide a hub for academics, practitioners, trainers, consultants and policy makers for innovative, multidisciplinary research in the field of public safety. We offer and promote professional training and management on public safety on a European level and allow co-creation by connecting groups and stakeholders that are usually unconnected. 

Latest news

Touch of unpredictability

The International Security Narratives Symposium video is online.

120 km of running!

CESAM ran for a charity at the NN Rotterdam marathon.

European grant for cybercrime radicalisation research

Three-year international collaboration project receives H2020 grant of € 3 million.

Latest blog posts

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How about considering safety when discussing happiness of the citizens?

Are we too safe? Could we live better by living more dangerously?

Total safety is total nonsense. But can a happiness lens help us to recognise optimal safety?