CESAM aims to be an international platform for management scholars, practitioners, policy makers and private industry in the public safety domain.

Our vision is to deliver multidisciplinary, innovative business school driven research in the field of public safety, allowing for co-creation by connecting groups and stakeholders that are usually unconnected, promoting and fostering professional development and management of public safety organizations on a European level and developing a hub involving academics, practitioners, trainers, consultants, and politicians. We offer expertise in the evaluation of large-scale, strategic organizational changes, the management of international collaborations, and stakeholder management.

As an inter-disciplinary team, our approach is by nature inter- and multi-disciplinary, integrating approaches from management sciences, organisational behaviour, psychology, organisational communication and information systems, criminology, and linguistics. Consequently, investigations are based on a flexible application of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including research in the field.

Our work is directed towards a clear and direct impact for academia, and public and private sector organizations, in the field of public safety.

CESAM is co-directed by Professor Gabriele Jacobs and Associate Professor Saskia Bayerl.