International Security Management Knowledge Alliance (ISM-KA)

International Security Management Knowledge Alliance (ISM-KA)

How should police leaders address current and future security challenges? Safety and Security are crucial dimensions for the functioning of democracies and economies and for the health, wellbeing and resilience of communities. Conversely, the private, economic and social costs of security threats within the EU are tremendous. Reacting to and preventing of security threats demands joined-up and collaborative solutions, as no one agency, organisation or government is able to tackle these challenges on their own.

Developing executive master education

ISM-KA develops a MSc programme in International Security Management which addresses these challenges. The learning modules are aimed at a mixed student population of professionals from governmental agencies and private companies (e.g. security actors, consultancy). This flexible and modular approach will guarantee a broad market uptake and will reach a large amount of students and professionals. This MSc fosters new and more effective cooperation mechanisms to combine practitioner and academic expertise in response to contemporary security threats and global crime, further develop areas such as the interoperability of security agencies and law enforcement services and facilitate the development of transversal skills within all facets of education. The program is set up to educate and train current and next generation of decision makers in the international arena of safety and security. For more information visit the official website.

International Security Narratives Symposium

In the context of the ISM-KA project, CESAM hosted the International Security Narratives Symposium on the 9th of March 2018 in Rotterdam. The symposium brought together outstanding academics and practitioners from public and private sectors across Europe to discuss and develop approaches to find concrete solutions to local safety and security challenges.