Supply Chain Management partnership

Supply Chain Management partnership

Engage with our students

In RSM’s highly ranked MSc program on Supply Chain Management, we train our students to analyze, design and improve today’s Supply Chains. This involves applying state-of-the-art supply chain theories and methods to real-world supply chains. As such, we like to interact with practical stakeholders in the field. Company engagements can help foster an environment that benefits all parties involved.  As a company you can:

1. Interact with young ambitious students that can provide fresh ideas and perspectives.

2. Share valuable practical insights to our students about current opportunities and practical challenges and expand the visibility of your company to our students.

We offer different engagement opportunities: honours consultancy project, thesis internships, company visits and guest lecture opportunities.

Honours consultancy project

The Hounours consultancy project runs from February to July in parallel with elective courses and the thesis project. During this project, the selected students will work in teams (3-4) on a real-life supply chain challenge and develop research-informed, practical solutions. By formulating a challenge, your organization can benefit from fresh perspectives from a team of Honours students. Only the most motivated and high achieving students are selected for the Honours project. To participate as a company, we ask a contribution of 1.000 Euros to cover some of the additional expenses of this extracurricular activity.

Thesis internships

As part of the program, students write an individual thesis between February and June. Many students choose to do so in the form of a ‘problem-solving’ internship with companies, public authorities, or other organizations. These internships offer great opportunities for hosting organizations to address important and complex management problems, and to identify and help develop young talent. To help match students and companies, we invite companies to send us their research project proposals. We will check if the research problem is suitable for a thesis project and post them on our intranet for all SCM students to see and apply. For more specific information regarding what makes a project suitable, please click here. Moreover, with sufficient company interest, we will organize a thesis internship fair on campus.

Company visits and guest lectures

As part of the kick-activity and throughout the year, we organize company visits and guest lectures in relevant supply chain management areas. For the company visits, we especially value locations where students can see physical supply chain processes in action, e.g., warehouse, terminal, factory.  


Interested in joining one of our engagement opportunities?

For more information about engaging with our supply chain management students, please contact Sabine Ockhuijsen, coordinator of the MSc in Supply Chain Management.