Supply Chain Management partnership

Supply Chain Management partnership

Connect to outstanding talent

Young and talented professionals specialising in supply chain management at RSM can become part of your team when your organisation partners with the Honours programme of the MSc Supply Chain Management at RSM, a business school that carries out ground-breaking research and provides management education that furthers excellence from its campus in the port city of Rotterdam – a vital nexus of business, logistics and trade.

An official partnership has mutual benefits including:

  • direct access to smart and highly motivated master students with new ideas and a global mindset who can contribute to finding new solutions for challenges in your organisation;
  • smart new team members with the latest knowledge and tools to optimise supply chains or improve operations;

Only the exceptional

The Honours programme is on top of the RSM’s one-year, full-time MSc in Supply Chain Management. A maximum of 20 exceptional students are invited to follow extra courses that widen their expertise and experience. They produce additional company assignments and projects; this is how your organisation benefits from their fresh and original business perspectives. At the same time, your firm enhances its visibility to this cohort of high-performing potential new employees who are keen to make their mark in the sector and start their careers.

Business benefits

We want to acknowledge and encourage exceptional talent without burdening the students with extra fees; our aim is to provide this honours programme without charging them more. With the gradual withdrawal of central government funding for higher education, it is no longer possible to finance the extra tuition from government funds. This is why we hope the business benefits of being closely associated with the Honours programme mean businesses will be willing to co-finance this prestigious programme.

A partnership contribution of €1,000 ensures we can offer your organisation close contact with high potential students from our Honours class. When you ‘adopt’ one or more student teams in this way, and provide them with a research project, the students can use their fresh thinking and the latest knowledge to address a challenge that’s affecting your operations.

Become a partner

For more information about making a close connection with the best of our supply chain management students, please contact Dr Roy van den Berg, co-ordinator of the MSc in Supply Chain Management Honours programme.