Corporate Venturing & Entrepreneurship Summit- Academics Meet Practitioners

On June 27, 2019, the first Corporate Venturing & Entrepreneurship Summit will take place

Corporate venturing, i.e. the creation of new business in the context of established organizations, is gaining momentum worldwide and is crucial for the long-term survival of companies.

This one-day summit aims to bring together the latest insights on corporate venturing & entrepreneurship, both from a practitioner as well as from academic perspective. Professionals from corporates and researchers from academia from all over Europe will share their knowledge and experiences on the different aspects of Corporate Venturing.

The summit also provides you an excellent opportunity to extend your network

The Corporate Venturing & Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 is organized by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), The School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University and Corporate Venturing Network.

The summit will take place at the Erasmus University (Erasmus Paviljoen), Burgemeerster Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The registration fee will be €250.