Late registration Fee

Late registration Fee

If you do not register before set master fall enrollment deadlines communicated on the MSc Programme Enrollment channel on SIN-Online, under certain conditions you sometimes can register via MSc Programme Management. Be aware that an administrative fee of 75 euros will be implemented in all cases of late registration (no exceptions).

How do I make sure I do not have to pay this fee?

Both new master students and continuing students retaking courses, need to register via SIN-Online for at least the following:

  • The specific MSc Programme you plan to pursue, if you are a new master student
  • Specific core courses you will be taking or retaking, if you are a continuing master student
  • Electives you will be taking (for new and continuing students)

All of the above registrations take place on SIN-Online via ‘My Registrations’. Deadlines, procedures and other information regarding these registrations are communicated on SIN-Online. Honour these deadlines and you do not have to pay the fee.

What do I do if the registration deadline has passed and I have not yet registered for my programme or courses?

E-mail the Programme Manager for your specific programme.  Your Programme Manager will inform you on payment and enrollment procedure.