Once your programme enrollment has been confirmed, you are automatically subscribed to the following channels so you will receive their announcements via Annoucements at

  1. Your specific programme channel (for programme specific registrations and information);
  2. MSc Programme Enrolment (for the elective registration);
  3. MSc Notice Board (used by MSc Programme Management for general, non-programme related information).
  4. RSM Examination Board (for important updates/changes in Examination Regulations).
  5. RSM Study Advice (channel hosted by RSM's study advisers)
  6. Career Services (for career opportunities: internships/job offers)

Please note that self-subscription to a particular master course is not possible. You will automatically be subscribed to a course channel once you are enrolled to a course in Osiris. Note that MSc Programme Management will automatically enrolled all new students to their core courses.

Note that simply subscribing to a particular master programme channel in SIN-Online DOES NOT constitute official enrolment in the corresponding course or programme. Only once you are officially admitted to a master programme by the Examination Board and your enrolment via Studielink is complete, are you then automatically enrolled for the courses and exams of this programme.

This manual with screenshots includes useful tips on how you can use SIN-Online.