The centre’s main goal is to establish longterm strategic collaborations with partners in- and outside the academic world. Within these collaborations we intend to contribute by offering courses, developing joint research programmes, and providing advice and data science experience. In return we offer expert advice, data science experiences, new hands-on skills for your employees through our courses and programmes, research projects that discover new knowledge that benefit businesses, and data science experiences. One of our key strengths is our ability to identify the potential of data that may already be available and business opportunities.

You are welcome to engage with us, explore the full membership offering and contact the team.  

Membership and partnership, offering: 

In touch with talent

Present your company to our students in various programmes, events and platforms.

Thought leadership

Get inspired by academic thought leaders and industry leaders in the field of data analytics. 

Access to academics and alumni

Learn with alumni and interact with research fellows and the ECDA team.

Access to ECDA’s data hacking community

Join crowdsourcing and data hacking events. 

Education and training

From case studies to senior executive briefings, jointly we train leaders with the skills and competencies for tomorrow’s business.

Engage with research

Raise research questions for the master and PhD studies, discussing issues between industry, government and academia.

Data Analytics Lab

Join the founding partners in the development of a digital technology lab as test bed for innovative methodologies. We are currently developing our Data Analytics Lab as a home for our library of algorithms, company data sets, use cases and MVP developments, and for our workshops.