Big data is not about data, it is about competence

Enhancing knowledge with data

We facilitate and support education at bachelor and master level to full-time students. For more information about the courses you can contact the program management of the specific programs. 

  • Business Information Management (BIM) explores the use and impact of information ‒ and information systems ‒ as a strategic asset for customers, firms, supply chains, business networks, and markets. It investigates the opportunities presented by new information technologies such as mobile platforms, cloud computing, business analytics and social media. At Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), BIM is part of the teaching and research activities in the Technology & Operations Management department.

  • This Business Analytics and Management specialisation of the RSM MScBA programme is for those who want to develop their skills in managing complex business analytics projects, from understanding the business problem and its environment and selecting and executing the methods of analysis, to communicating the results to internal and external stakeholders. The program is aimed at bachelor graduates with a business background and a good quantitative or technical orientation, and graduates from engineering and the hard sciences who are interested in business.

  • The master programme Marketing Management includes the elective Digital Marketing and Analytics. It trains future marketers working in digital marketing. Given the important role of new customer analytics and big data in digital marketing, it emphasises new techniques for generating more knowledge about your customers. The Marketing Analytics course within the Msc programme emphasizes on the technical—reinforcing skills and especially on the application of these skills to solve managerial problems and communicate a recommended course of action. The master also covers the topic of Big Data Analytics for Marketing Insight. In this course machine learning (or predictive analytics), a key subfield of artificial intelligence and a common activity of data scientists will be supervised . In several lectures artificial intelligence is adressed and discussed. For example the lecture on Artificial Intelligence for Business Analytics which is designed in collaboration with faculty of the Erasmus Quantitative Intelligence team.

  • Using Business Analytics and Machine Learning for New Products is a course within the International CEMS programme based on a series of real-world cases that you are expected to analyze and solve using your best effort, the theory and materials found in the reader, cited references and hand-outs. The course is taught by prof Gui Liberali. 

  • Machine Learning is a course within the Msc Econometrics and Management Science programme.

  • This course will push you to develop new analytical skills and to be creative when devising solutions and when interpreting your results to understand the consumer behavior that generated the data you have in your hands.It provides an introduction to the popular method of A/B testing. 

  • In the workshops, you will learn new knowledge about business transformations as well as a practical and scientifically sound approach to design an actionable plan for solving a business challenge, for example in online marketing initiatives. The course, designed by RSM Executive Education and delivered by professional consultants from leading digital transformation consultancy firms, will support you in creating winning business performance through digital transformation initiatives.

  • Organisations transforming towards becoming data-driven are guided and supported by the eight-day ‘Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics’ programme at RSM Executive Education. It connects professionals in technical- and methodology-oriented data science with professionals engaged in business analytics, links them to best business practices, and actively involves senior executives. This programme has been developed and organised by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics with a wide range of partners from the industry. Click here for the brochure.