E3D Seminar Series

E3D Seminar Series

The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) and Clean Tech Delta (CTD) are
excited to present the E3D seminar series and invite you to the first session. 

Date: Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
Time:  12:00 - 13:15h
Location:  The Erasmus University Rotterdam, M-building, M-heidelberg
Registrations: Giuliana Unger (g.unger@cleantechdelta.nl), Ayman Esmat (esmat@rsm.nl). Please include your name and company in the email. 

The E3D seminar series is a monthly seminar relating to economic, social, and
technological issues around energy decarbonization, decentralization and digitization in
academia and industry. The seminars provide a platform to (1) share knowledge, (2)
provide constructive feedback to ongoing research, and (3) stimulate dialogue across
disciplines and sectors.

The monthly E3D seminars take place at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the
form of a lunch lecture (a Dutch lunch will be provided for all attendees). For
international speakers and participants, we will be setting up a webinar dial-in.

Seminar #1
Each seminar will cover an E3D topic from various perspectives. During the first
seminar, Ayman Abdelwahed (PhD candidate at the department of technology and
operations management) and Deniz Ozer (Business Data Analyst at Jedlix – Smart
Charging) will be covering EV charging. Find a short abstract about their presentation

Ayman Abdelwahed (PhD, Rotterdam School of Management):
“In our study, EUR collaborates with the public transport operator in the city of
Rotterdam to tackle the problem of electrifying transit bus networks. Replacing diesel
buses by battery-electric buses (BEBs) raises many challenges as they need to be
recharged several times throughout the day due to their limited driving range and slower
charging rate. As a result, operating BEBs is substantially more sensitive to
unanticipated delays and excess energy consumption, which raises serious challenges
with respect to charging schedules.

Moreover, BEBs are only a truly sustainable
alternative if they are powered by renewable energy generators (REGs), which have
intermittent and uncertain generation. Thus, we propose using a real-time decision
support system to overcome these uncertainties and maximize the utilization of REGs
and minimize the impact on the grid while guaranteeing a feasible operation for the

Deniz Ozer (Business Data Analyst, Jedlix – Smart Charging):
“The presentation will discuss the primary methodologies for smart charging EVs and
how the intersection of smart-charging with the different energy markets allows Jedlix to
capture sustainable revenue streams for smart charging. Within these energy markets,
the primary bottlenecks in maintaining sustainability and scaling up will be covered.
Furthermore, the presentation will also discuss how the energy markets are expected to
change in the future, and how this affects smart charging potential in terms of
challenges and prospects.”

How to attend?
The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics and Clean Tech Delta welcome visitors from
academia, industry and the public sector.
If you would like to be present or attend, send us an email with your name and company.

As this will be an interactive seminar, the amount of participants is limited. Spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.