Interactive at the Data Summit

Interactive at the Data Summit

Interactive at the Data Summit

Who else will be here?

Corporate pioneers – be among the first to hear how they apply data analytics to conventional business tasks

The best minds from RSM to create new connections – academic experts, the brightest young student minds, and alumni already applying their data analytics skills to business will tell their stories

Tech pioneers and tech companies – with real-world case studies that have uncovered new tools and techniques for delivering business value from data projects.

Matching your data practices to the SDGs

When you register, we will ask you to tell us about a data analytics problem you have, or a solution you’re working on. We will match it to a complementary United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. During the break, you can join a small group to talk about it.

Big data debate today

We’ve identified three categories for debate today: data learnings, data leadership and data laboratory. If you are willing, we would like to invite you to bring your story, case or solution into the big data debate.


  1. Data learnings

What are the pitfalls and opportunities in your data analytics case or organisation? The corporate pioneers and academic experts at the Summit will discuss how you can build your competences using applications and solutions from other industries. They can also help you see the ways that technology will affect your data in future.

  1. Data leadership

Managers and executives must be equipped to fruitfully and responsibly manage data and algorithms. We’ll hear how they can lead their organisations through the new economy in which drivers such as security, access and control are transboundary values.

  1. Data lab

Ask some of the leading data scientists, students and tech companies how they build applications, and how data analytics technologies are recreating the whole concept of business leadership.