Presentations & Awards

Presentations & Awards

Erasmus Data Analytics Summit 2019

Executives, business managers, engineering gurus, data visionaries and data pioneers have delivered cutting edge practical advice to delegates. Presentations are linked here:  

Frans van Houten, CEO Royal Philips

Purpose, Human & Machine: The possibilities for data analytics to improve healthcare outcomes

Frans van Houten is CEO of Royal Philips, a position he has held since April 2011. As CEO, he is also Chairman of the Board of Management and the Executive Committee.  


Algorithmic bias; realistic picture of algorithms

Dr. Gwynn Sturdevant, Volanno and R-Ladies

Artificial intelligence and humane values

Can algorithms reduce entrenched inequalities? Since algorithms are based on mathematics, some believe that they remove bias from decision making. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As the data derived from our modern world inherits the biases of this world, resulting algorithms trained with this data also inherit bias. This talk discussed biased algorithms, data sets that may reduce bias, and methods to mitigate this bias.

Smart Infrastructure

Dr Adam Hill, HAL24K

Smart Infrastructure

Using AI to empower more efficient living within society.

Marketing Analytics

Willem Blom, Managing Director Dept

Data Drive Marketing

Willem is an award-winning digital entrepreneur. He has founded a digital marketing agency in Rotterdam that is one of the predecessors of Dept. Willem is a data geek, podcast host, sports enthusiast and digital marketer. He currently serves as Dept's director of data & intelligence. Dept is Europe's leading independent digital agency with offices in 12 countries and a team of 1250 thinkers and makers. 

Personalised Medicine in day to day Clinical Practice

Professor Peter van der Spek, Erasmus MC

Personalized Healthcare Recommendations

Prof. Van der Spek runs an immunological research programme which provides the biological and technological basis for the bioinformatics group. It concentrates on the way the immune system and the genome as a whole contribute to the evolution, development, structure, and function of stem cells in vital organs such as brain and endocrine tissues in our body. He is professor in Bio informatics and chairs the bioinformatics department at the Erasmus MC. He obtained his doctoral degree in 1995 in the field of molecular carcinogenesis by cloning cancer predisposition genes. Van der Spek has 6 years of pharmaceutical experience from Akzo-Nobel and Johnson & Johnson and holds several international academic appointments in Japan, Thailand, Australia, and the USA. The bioinformatics group at the Erasmus MC focuses on the support of datamining and clinical multi-omics driven data analysis. His expertise is used for fundamental research, molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, (forensic) molecular biology and support of complex clinical cases from the dept. of pathology.

BIG data debate

The event concluded with a debate moderated by Gerrit Schipper, Executve Director of Erasmus' Centre for Data Analytics. The panel consisted of: Doren Reuter, ING, Angela-Sophie Gebert, Celonis, Jan Heuthorst, Quint and Olrik van Dam, Coolblue debated: 

  • What are the main enablers for innovation in triple helix* (*academia & industry & government) collaborations to create bigger impact?
  • We need to empower people to be able to speak their minds and have an ethical conscience. How can we enable students and (young) professionals to combat some large data ethics challenges? What leadership skills do we need to master the data transformation?