eUrban and 'Urban Big Data' knowledge lab

Data science in an urban context

The knowledge lab ‘Urban Big Data’ is a collaborative effort between the City of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam aimed at the development of knowledge about the use and impact of big data on urban processes and governance, and to apply this knowledge in services and products for practical use.  Specifically, it promotes big data research on urban mobility and logistics, sustainable transport, quality of life, tourism and culture, safety and security, transitions in the work place, themes that are relevant for urban governance and science. 

The knowledge lab contributes to applied research into the opportunities of big data applications for urban policy domains; and to extending knowledge about big data opportunities in urban contexts through pilots and experiments. Consistent with the intertwined nature of urban processes, the knowledge lab is a multidisciplinary collaboration involving all scientific disciplines of Erasmus University; it is hosted by RSM, Erasmus University.

The knowledge lab has a central role in the preparation of submissions to various calls involving an urban big data. Various such calls have been announced during Fall 2014, such as, JPI Urban Europe and H2020. Submission to these calls involve a network of smart cities and universities, as well as of companies and public organizations in the region.

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