Education & research combined with hands-on experience in data analytics. We support organisations in turning data into business value through five areas of expertise:
  • The audit, accounting and control analytics lab builds on the inherent advantages of the accounting profession to provide businesses with an insight into the quality of data, algorithms and their value for the business. Themes that are explored using data science include: organisational compliance assessments, fraud detection, and valuation of assests with audio-visual data.

    Academic director: Dr Iuliana Sandu


  • The exponential improvements in artificial intelligence, robotics, networks, analytics, and digitization affect more and more of the economy and society. Digital Business aims to explore how people and businesses will work, interact, and prosper in an era of profound digital transformation. The initiative will bring university faculties and industry leaders to research the effects of, and causes behind these phenomena.

    Digital Business combines experimental, statistical, econometric, and computational methodologies to study digital, social, and mobile business of today. It strives to bring together behaviour science, management science, statistics, and computer science (data mining and machine learning) to understand the causes and the effects of how emerging technologies and big data impact consumers, firms, and societies.

    Academic director: Prof. Ting Li


  • FinTech Lab strives to become a force for positive change in financial services, by promoting and streamlining interdisciplinary academic research in FinTech, aligning it with the needs and interests of industry practitioners, and creating a knowledge centre to facilitate knowledge distribution, among others to students. We aim to create threefold impact, in academia, management, and education.

    Academic director: Dr Dion Bongaerts


  • Marketing Analytics has a unique approach by being based on (1) highly singular and distinct depth in marketing analytics and advertising analytics, and (2) being focused on concrete solutions - often based in marketing algorithms and mathematical optimization models - that help firms identify the best actions (such as new products, communication tactics, budget allocation) that can most increase revenue, profits or market share.

    Academic director: Prof. Gui Liberali

  • Smart Cities combines in depth expertise of smart cities, sustainable energy and electric mobility with the role of big data, analytics, blockchain, IoT and data platforms to help cities and their stakeholders become more sustainable and efficient, while creating new business models based on data, analytics and smart tariffing.

    Academic director: Dr Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal


    Supply Chain Analytics focuses on the effective and efficient management of the products and services lifecycle, based on using data and analytics. Successful Supply Chain Management is imperative for any competitive business. To emphasize the need for businesses to enhance skills and knowledge our research and teaching is targeted at data analytics on transportation, facility logistics, optimization and sustainability and sourcing strategies.

    Academic director:  Dr. Robert Rooderkerk