Our team

Our work is directed towards a clear and direct impact for academia, and public and private sector organisations, in the field of energy. All team members have their own professional expertise and work together to redefine the future energy landscape.

Senior staff

Prof. Wolf Ketter

Energy Information Systems and Sustainable Smart Energy Markets

Marcel van Oosterhout

Business Director
Business agility and IT

Prof. Eric van Heck

Energy Markets

Dr Jan van Dalen

Energy Business Analytics

Dr Yashar Ghiassi

Stochastic modelling, analysis, and design of smart grids

Dr Rodrigo Belo

Social Networks & Digital Experimentation

Dr Ksenia Koroleva

Social Networks & Electric Vehicles

Dr JooHee Oh

Economics of Energy Markets and Policy

Birgit Ros

Marketing & Communications Officer

Tobias Brandt

Data science, Mobility and Urban dynamics

PhD staff

Mohammad Ansarin

Energy Market Analysis and Design

Ezgi Avci-Surucu

Data-driven Decision Making for Smart Sustainable Electricity Markets

Micha Kahlen

Electric Vehicles

Derck Koolen

Future Energy Markets

Joshua Paundra

Electric mobility and sharing economy


Markus Peters

Preferences & Autonomous Retail Electricity Trading

Konstantina Valogianni

Smart charging of electrical vehicles

Software developers

Govert Buijs

Email: buijs@rsm.nl

Erik Kemperman

Email: kemperman@rsm.nl


Ingrid Waaijer

Email: iwaaijer@rsm.nl

Cheryl Eiting

Email: ceiting@rsm.nl