Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

A sustainable transportation future will rely on multiple solutions, including innovative systems connecting vehicles, utilities and renewable energy. RSM has addressed 3 subjects for the research on electric vehicles:

EV Adoption; Nationwide factors that influence the adoption of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, District specific factors that influence the adoption of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Charging Pole Utilization; Regional factors that improve the usage of public charging points for electric vehicles, Balancing the proportion of investments in fast and regular charging facilities in different districts, Messaging service design to improve the usage of public charging points, Valet Charging to influence charging station utilization

Grid Services; Incentives for off-peak charging of electric vehicles Financial analysis of grid balancing 

Please read more information about the latest RSM research on EV:

  • Nicolaas van Langen (2016): Information Endownment in the Electricity market capitalizing on energy consumption insights. More Information.
  • Brenda Jansen (2016): Modelling the predictors of the adoption of (PH)EVs. More information.
  • Hidde van Heijst (2016): Valet Charging; Influence on Load Shifting, Charging Station Utilization and Prioritizing Queues. More information.
  • Glenn de Jong (2016): Investing in Public EV Charging Infrastructure; Balancing Strategic Investments in Fast and Regular Charging Facilities across Different Levels of Urbanization. More information.
  • Connie Lai (2016): Factors which Improve the Usage of Public Charging Points for Electric Vehicles. More information.
  • St√©phanie Visser (2016): The value of points of interest information in predicting cost-effective charging infrastructure locations. More information.
  • Angelos Tsereklas-Zafeirakis (2016): Variable-rate Pricing of Electric Vehicle Charging; Exploring consumer behavior using TamagoCar app. More information.
  • Kristinka Wilmink (2015): A study on the factors influencing the adoption of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in The Netherlands. More information.
  • Rowan Siskens (2015): Incentives for off-peak charging of electric vehicles. More information.
  • Brent Bodenhorst Meyer (2015): Motivating flexible charging behavior of electric vehicles at office car parks. More information.
  • Micha Kahlen, Wolfgang Ketter (2015): Aggregating Electric Cars to Sustainable Virtual Power Plants: The Value of Flexibility in Future Electricity Markets. More information.
  • Felix Sprenger (2013): Analysing Public Charging Infrastructure Operations: - Consumer Profiles of Electric Vehicle Drivers. More information.
  • Micha Kahlen (2013): New Technologies, New Services. An Emerging Business Model for Electric Vehicle Fleet Owners. More information.