About ECWO's and ING's Partnership

About ECWO's and ING's Partnership

Why we partner with ECWO 

ING chose the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) to design and deliver the Women in Business programme because it is driven by exceptional people who share a passion for gender equality, with regard to both pay and opportunities within organisations.

Introduced in 2015 and tailored to female employees at ING, the programme outlines a strategy with insights and examples from academic leaders in the fields of finance, communication, negotiation and management. Through the programme ECWO empowers women to take an active role in their own career development by creating awareness and openness for new opportunities. In doing so, the programme motivates women to understand change and become change agents themselves.

The Women in Business programme was a resounding success with eleven sessions held so far. 

Why is diversity important:

Diversity is good for ING because different perspectives drive innovation, accelerate growth, and lead to more robust decisions and outcomes.

At ING, the term diversity refers to differences of all kinds. By this we mean, differences in age, gender, race, background, physical abilities, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. We celebrate these differences, harnessing them to seize new opportunities.

Furthermore, ING's workforce should be as diverse as the Bank's customer base. Such a workforce can help it to solve problems and respond to challenges differently. It can help the Bank to implement its strategy and drive top performance.  

By embracing gender diversity through the Women in Business programme, we improve our economic and social sustainability and demonstrate our commitment to employee development and engagement.

Why ING is sponsoring the Women in Leadership Conference

ING recognises the importance of diversity in the workplace and is proud to partner with ECWO and be a sponsor of this conference.