The DNA of Networks (FULL)

Virtual connections in social media force you to rethink about what it means to be connected in the world of work, corporates and community. These connections have ramifications for leadership, global governance and innovation. Dr Karen Stephenson will take you on a journey through network science, an interdisciplinary academic field that studies complex networks wherever they occur. You will investigate cases about how to identify and leverage innovation, find and nurture hidden leaders and improve governance over complex organisational structures.

Advance in Your Career: Recognise Your Blind Spots (FULL)

People often face situations that trigger complex responses in the workplace. For example, you spend months on a project getting positive feedback from your boss, only to have the project pulled without sufficient explanation. In this kind of scenario, we tend to focus our attention on the external circumstances and spend little time focused on ourselves. In this session, Wiley will help you develop the ability to reflect on your own thinking. You will recognise blind spots in your thinking, the influence of emotions on your actions, the role of our identities, and the brain’s drive for certainty. By learning to ‘press pause’, you will develop a richer range of responses to challenging situations.

Leading With Presence (FULL)

You might have great ideas, perspectives and methods. But you might lose your effectiveness if you don’t know how you come across, and if you don’t represent your message with intention. As a matter of fact, 70 to 90 per cent of our communication is non-verbal – embodied by the tone of our voice and our body language. Prof. Giessner will outline why and how these bodily signals shape perceptions of your presence. You will also learn how an awareness and training of these aspects can help you to improve your ability to communicate effectively, to connect with your audience and to lead with charisma.

Game Changers: Building Support For Gender Programmes in Companies (FULL)

Innovation and disruption are increasing, so organisations are looking for ways to change faster to remain competitive. Many organisations recognise that diversity is the engine to innovation. Gender balance in the organisations does not occur naturally. It requires great effort of men and women to achieve results. Find out how change happens and how you can make a positive impact in this workshop, led by Izabela Csontos. You will discover how you can become a change agent in your organisation. The workshop is built around three main drives: direction, effort and persistence. You will focus on building knowledge and skills for leading change. 

House of Cards: Navigating the Political Playing Field (FULL)

During this workshop you will discuss the political landscape of organisations collectively and in smaller groups. You will also explore how to effectively navigate the environment to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Entrepreneurship & Risk Aversion (FULL)

Many studies conclude that companies with gender-diverse management teams generate better returns by the virtue of having managers with different personal styles at the table. As an investor, we are especially interested in how diverse management teams deal with risk. How does ‘no guts no glory’ combine with prudent decision-making? Both are critical to drive sustainable growth. In this workshop we will discuss real-life cases regarding the challenge of balancing entrepreneurial drive and risk-management.

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