Sylvia Boer: Passionately committed to increasing visibility of women in the “beautiful” maritime industry

WISTA Nederland chair is working for gender equality in this underrated industry.

Jorunn Eldøy: Gro Harlem Brundtland is a role model to all girls and women

Get on board with WISTA’s board members

Vivian van der Kuil: Come aboard and be part of this interesting world!

" I strongly advise women to come aboard and become part of this interesting world."

Cynthia Everduin: Women must inspire women!

The maritime industry is beautiful, comprehensive and dynamic!

Els Roeterink: Positive developments in maritime industry’s gender balance

Digitalisation and sustainability will also have an effect on the maritime industry.

Christel Pullens: Once you get in, you never want to get out

Get on board with WISTA’s board members

ECWO: Hetty Brand-Boswijk's Bold and Inspiring Career Move

Director of Coaching at RSM and ECWO’s Lead Coach shares her inspiring story.

ECWO: Prof. dr Angela Maas: A tireless advocate for women's hearts

Maas is known as the “cardio-feminist” for her expertise in cardiovascular diseases in women.

ECWO: Gender equality is Kristel Baele’s personal purpose

Former EUR Executive Board President on gender equality and the power of women supporting women.

ECWO takes Bystander workshop to upcoming Association of Dutch Female Doctors symposium

The active training addresses different ways to Stand Up, Reach Out against workplace harassment.