The more diverse the composition of a promotion or hiring committee, the more diversity they will produce

he way women are perceived in a professional environment is different than the way men are perceived

We must be willing to constantly question our own individual explicit or implicit biases

By the time I was a teenager, I was keenly aware of another difference but one I would not reveal to

It's better to create something that others criticise than to create nothing and criticise others

I remain convinced that it is up to us as women to drive the needed transformation. We need to work

Diversity Policies Articulated

“If I prepared a policy document for the entire organisation around diversity broadly and gender spe

I want to thank Marissa Mayer

No, not because I agree with her! I am sure that I don’t! Even if I could afford it, I would not cho

Being Mindful: The Choice is Yours

People exercise their leadership in different ways. Whatever ones natural behaviour and styles, lead

Challenges for Women .... and Men .... in Business

On Monday 23 September, as part of the Women in Leadership Open Programme, the RSM MBA Women in Mana

Ready, Set, Go!

I was very happy and satisfied to see that we started the EMBA with a Women in Leadership day where

Only if You Believe it is!

Where are our role models? It has been estimated that only eleven percent of senior management posit

My EMBA Journey so Far

I attended the Gender Balanced Leadership Workshop hosted by Dianne Bevelander. It was a workshop fo