Join our interactive webinar on workplace harassment

Stand up and reach out against workplace harassment with the 5Ds

How do you go from being a bystander to standing up against workplace harassment?

 Led by Professor Hanneke Takkenberg and Dr. Natalie Cleton, this interactive webinar explores patterns of workplace harassment – including bullying, name-calling and intimidation - and the 5 ways you can intervene.

The webinar will addresses some crucial questions: Do the victims have a responsibility to stand up for themselves? Should bystanders address the situation right there, right then? Are all harassers awful people who should be fired immediately?

Sign up now to discuss and practice how to stand up to harassment in a manner that is beneficial for the person being harassed, but also for the organisation as a whole.

Date: Tuesday November 24th 2020.

Time: 7-9pm (CET)

Cost: No charge

Participation is limited to 30. To register, email

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