During our studies, we obtained an immense amount of business knowledge that is transferable to work but I think the degree itself is a result of diligence, open-mindedness, being collaborative and supportive. Your degree might help get the job you want but the traits we all developed during our studies are what enable us to succeed.

Leo Machana - BSc IBA Alumnus, Class of 2018

Leo Machana - RSM IBA Alumnus

Your bachelor studies at RSM will add to your knowledge in subjects like data science, marketing, consulting or finance, and you will gain new skills in collaborating, presenting and critical thinking.

This will open doors to a wide range of career paths. Below you can find out more about some of the most common steps RSM bachelor alumni take. 

Over half of our IBA graduates choose to continue their studies at RSM directly after graduation by joining one of our 12–18-month specialised master programmes:

International experience embedded within the IBA programme gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to taking the first step in your career. Many of our graduates find positions in multinational firms soon after graduation. Some find a position even before they graduate, thanks to relationships developed during their international internships and other networking experiences throughout their time at RSM.

One way to obtain such experiences is through RSM's dedicated Career Centre that helps current students with:

  • Looking for internships, full or part-time jobs in the Career Portal
  • Thinking about their ideal career and finding their motivation and strenghts in the ‘Your Future Career’ online study module
  • Workshops to develop your CV writing, application writing, and interviewing skills
  • Recruitment and career events attended by recruiters from international companies, speed interviews, and career workshops
  • Strengthening their career path with mentoring from our 50,000-strong alumni network in the MentorMe platform
  • Note that non-EEA students with a Dutch higher education diploma are eligible for a one-year orientation visa called a zoekjaar to help you find a job after you graduate.

Over 90% of graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation. The image below give a broad idea of the different sectors RSM alumni tend to end up after their studies: 

A quarter of IBA graduates take a gap year after their studies to travel or to gain more experience through internships, exchanges, board years, or other personal projects.