Business Day

Business Day

Business Day – Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June is the first day of the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014, and is dedicated to the business of energy. It brings together business leaders, managers and executives from a wide range of industries with top thinkers from academia and politics to discuss The Future of Energy, and Energy of the Future.

Our Business Day features speaker sessions, a networking lunch and poster session, plenary panel discussions and a networking reception. You can also join the informal networking dinner with a keynote speaker on Thursday evening, which should prove to be an enjoyable occasion.

Our speakers and panels will address three major themes: EU policy and Markets, Energy Micro Grids & new business models, and Financing Sustainable Energy. A micro grid is a localised grouping of generation, storage and load facilities that usually operates via connection to a traditional centralised electricity grid. Generation can come from fuel cells, wind, solar or other energy sources. Energy Micro grids will be an important element in the future energy landscape, because they offer many advantages to energy providers and energy customers. Financing sustainable energy refers to how profitable investments can be made in sustainable energy, and asks how financial markets should be organised in the future energy marketplace.

Read more about our speakers, their presentations, and their views of the Erasmus Energy Forum and its role in the future energy debate.

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Moderator: Victor Deconinck
Former TV presenter, speaker and media trainer

Drs. Victor DeConinck studied  remedial pedagogy/psychology and history of education and philosophy in Utrecht. He was director of a teacher training college, but switched to the media. He wrote for the Volkskrant and Algemeen Dagblad, presented radio programs and was the host of numerous television programs. Now he is a professional moderator of seminars and congresses and provides media training.