Business Day

Business Day

Thursday, 18 June is the first day of the Erasmus Energy Forum 2015, and is dedicated to the business of energy. It brings together business leaders, managers and executives from a wide range of industries with top thinkers from academia and politics to discuss the transition towards the decentralised provision of sustainable energy.

Our Business Day on Thursday, 18 June features a plenary morning programme on policy and strategy, a networking lunch and poster session. The afternoon starts with two parallel workshops, A and B; Workshop A focuses on energy and the city perspective, while Workshop B focuses on energy and the port perspective. The workshops will be followed by the announcement and presentation of the Erasmus Energy Business Award, before by a thought-provoking final presentation and debate. Business Day concludes with a networking drinks reception. In the evening we will host an informal networking dinner with an after-dinner speaker.

Our speakers and panels will address redefinition of the energy landscape and the transition towards decentralised sustainable energy, covering three major themes:

Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy: evolution or revolution - a strategy and policy perspective

  • Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy: evolution or revolution?
  • Implications and directions for the EU and national energy policy
  • Governance of the transition process towards a sustainable energy system
  • Who is financing the transition towards decentralised energy? The role of banks, pension funds and venture capitalists       

Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy – the city perspective

  • Decentralised energy production and the role of energy co-operatives and self-employment
  • Strategies for flexibility; demand-side management and new business models
  • Technology enablers and breakthroughs

Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy – the port perspective

  • How can Port of Rotterdam facilitate the transition?
  • What is the role of the Port in the new decentralised energy landscape?
  • Towards a smart energy grid in the Port: energy production, storage, trading and re-use.

Moderator: Sumit Bose, Energy Live News

Sumit Bose is the editor and co-founder of Energy Live News the UK’s leading dedicated daily energy news site. It is approaching it’s fifth anniversary and in that time has won an award for Best Journalism by the Scottish Government and been nominated as Best Specialist News site at the 2014 Online Media Awards. Sumit has a long distinguished career in broadcast journalism and won a BAFTA for best regional news feature while at the BBC.  He has presented several TV and radio programmes and worked for all major BBC news outlets as well as freelance spells at SKY and ITN. He was a travel reporter for both the BBC and Travel Channel and is a keen fan of football and regularly takes on long distance cycle challenges.